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SdK Board Meeting – June 2013 Meeting Notes

Published June 2, 2013 by jnaomiay

SdK Corporation

Monthly Board Meeting Notes

June 2, 2013

Meeting was called to order by Jim Mattson.

Jimmy:  Hey, can you all just shut up so we can get started please?

Berkan:  What’s Jimmy doing here?  Where’s Thad?

Jerry:  He’s still in recovery.

Katie:  Still?

Jerry: (shrugging)  It was pretty bad.

Jimmy:  Ok, we’re going to get started.  As you all know, I’m Jim Mattson and I’m the acting president of SdK.  We’re having this meeting today to discuss where we are going as a company, as a team and as a family because we are all one big happy family, right?

Katie:  Cut the corporate bullshit.  Why are we here, Naomi?

Naomi:  (smiling with annoyance).  Good morning to you too, dear.

Senya:  Good morning, Naomi.

Naomi:  Good morning, love.

Katie:  Why is he smoking in here again?  I thought we resolved at the last meeting that he had to keep it outside?

Jerry:  It smells different today.  Different brand, Ron?

Senya:  Marlboros.

Naomi:  I said last time and I’ll say it again this time.  He can do whatever he wants.

Jimmy:  Can we get back to business, please?  Naomi wants to discuss where we are going with the series.

Berkan:  (pointing)  Who’s he?

Rent: Me?

Berkan:  Yeah.  You.

Rent: I don’t know.

Katie: You don’t know who you are?  Naomi, what’s a red shirt doing in here?

Naomi:  He’s not a red shirt, darling.  He’s an intern.  Senya and I discussed it and we decided Rent needs to attend our meetings now.

Berkan:  Well, why is Zem here?

Zem:  I am full of water.

Naomi:  No, you’re not, sweetheart.  This is a board meeting.  You can pay attention as well as anyone else.

Zem:  Can I have my own book?

Naomi:  Maybe.  That’s why we are here today.  I want to discuss whether we continue the series with more novels and novellas or whether we should do something entirely different, like change genres.  I’ve heard Western Romance is very popular, much more so than Scifi/fantasy.

Audible groan from around the table.

Jerry:  I thought Ron hated cowboys.

Senya: I like Marlboros.

Katie: (raising hand)  I have a problem with Book 9, Treasure Hunt.

Jimmy:  (Pounding the gavel)  Already?  It’s not even released.

Berkan:  I have a problem with Treasure Hunt, too.

Senya snickers.

Katie:  Why am I getting so old?  I thought my contract said I get to stay young!

Berkan:  (grumbling)  Well, it’s better than what happens to me.

Senya:  Time has to happen…

Katie:  Shut your face, dickhead.  Why does he get to stay beautiful and I just turn into an old bag who needs plastic surgery?

Naomi:  Now, Katie.  If you have a problem with your contract, you can have your agent call me…again.  Let’s not waste everyone’s time with your personal issues.

Jimmy:  (pounding the gavel again)  I think we should try to get back on track.  So, Naomi, what’s the status on Book 9?

Naomi:  End of the month at the latest, Jim.  I am aiming for my birthday, June 22, for both ebook and paperback.

Jimmy:  Why don’t you all note in your calendar that June 22 is the new release date and Naomi’s birthday.

Jerry:  What would you like this year, Naomi?

Senya snickers.

Katie glares.

Naomi:  Another Amazon gift card will be fine, Jerry.

Jimmy:  Now.  How many vote to switch genres to Western Romance?

Jerry:  I’m good with that.

Jimmy:  Anybody else?  Nobody?  Okay.  I guess that’s it for today, folks.  Meeting adjourned.

Treausre Hunt 7