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Reader Interview: Joy

Published October 18, 2012 by jnaomiay

Today, I am at the local Starbucks sipping my grande decaf sugar-free caramel soy latte while staring contemplatively out the window at the rain.  As an author, I should be sipping decaffeinated green tea or some tasteless herbal concoction.  However, I am hopelessly addicted to sugar-free caramel which does not go well with Mandarin Orange Spice.  As I sit here relishing the return to Seattle weather, I spy a kindle user in one of those large over-stuffed chairs that always has crumbs in between the cushions and yet is always taken.  Unbeknownst to her, I am a not so famous author and so I will pounce upon her and submit her to a Reader Interview.

Naomi: Hello, my name is Naomi and you are?

Joy:  Hi, my name is Joy.

Naomi:  Hello Joy.  I’d like to ask you a few questions if I might? 

Joy:  I’m voting for ….

Naomi: Ah!!  That’s not the question.  In fact, that’s entirely your personal business.  What I really want to know is this: Is that your real name and if not, why won’t you tell me your real name?

Joy:  (Looking strangely at Naomi)  My name is Joy. Is your name Naomi?

Naomi:  As a matter of fact it is.  Now that we’ve covered the name issue, can I ask you what you are reading?

Joy:  Actually, no.  It’s none of your business.

Naomi:  Okay.  I’m sorry to intrude.  Can I ask you what is your favorite book?

Joy:  You can ask but it’s also none of your business.

Naomi:  I’m sorry.  Can I ask you anything about your reading material?

Joy:  No.  I don’t know who you are or what you want but all of it is none of your damn business.

Naomi:  Sorry!  Sorry.  Okay, last question, do you like your kindle?

Joy:  Yes.  Will you go away now?

Naomi:  Yes.  Thank you for your time.

Well, that concludes our Reader Interview for today.  I’ll just go back and contemplate the rain some more while I try to come up with something else to write about.


Reader Interview: Bob

Published September 15, 2012 by jnaomiay

Today, I am sitting on a couch watching the Raven’s game with Bob who is a reader.  While we’re sitting here, Bob has agreed to brave the hot seat.  Before his butt begins to boil, let’s get on with our interview.

Naomi:  Now Bob, is that your real name and if not, why won’t you tell me your real name?

Bob – That’s my real name and I’m not embarrassed by it.  It’s spelled backwards and forwards and it’s the same thing like one of those palindrome things.

Naomi:  Let’s start with just a brief synopsis of your favorite book.  In 20 words or less, tell me what it is about.

Bob -A New Orleans detective that retires to New Iberia Parish and it’s his investigations.  A recovering homicide detective that works…

Naomi:  Stop!  That’s very interesting and thank you, Bob.  That’s definitely not one of my books not that you need to discuss one of my books.  Of course, you’d get more points if you discussed my books but no, you chose to discuss James Lee Burke’s book but we won’t dwell on that.  Now,  who is your favorite character and why? You can use more than 20 words from here on out.

Bob – Senya because he’s arrogant, frustrating, intelligent, handsome, has weird feet and looks a lot like me.

Naomi:  Is he in James Lee Burke’s book?  No, of course he’s not and you just earned multiple bonus points for that.  But, you don’t look a thing like him except maybe you’re the same height but you do have about 100 lbs on him.  For those of you who don’t know, Senya is of course the main character in all of my books.  So now we get to the real interesting questions:  If Senya called you up tomorrow and said, “Hey, let’s go do something.”  What and where would you go with him?

Bob – I’d like to go to his place on Rozari and see the house there and I’d want to  see how he reclaimed the land there because I’m into land use and land reclamation.  Then I’d like to watch the Dolphins game on his enormous vid.

Naomi:  Um, actually, you can’t use the same method for land reclamation. 

Bob- I’m aware of that.

Naomi:  What’s the hardest part about finding a good book?

Bob – Finding an author I like.

Naomi:  I agree completely.  I hate authors.  What’s the easiest part?

Bob -Once I find an author, I just keep reading what they do.

Naomi:  Do you do anything else besides read and if so what is it?

Bob – I make sawdust.  Sometimes things come out of it but mostly I just make sawdust.  I like to ski but I haven’t been skiing in about 5 years.

Naomi:  What’s the ugliest thing in your closet?

Bob – A plaid shirt that my mother gave me before she died so I can’t throw it away.

Naomi:  And that was in 1978?  Did you ever wonder if you were a little crazy for reading fantasy/fiction?

Bob -Yeah but I really like it because my mind will expand in those directions.

Naomi:  As long as your body doesn’t continue expanding.  Did your friends ever wonder the same thing?

Bob -My friends have always thought I was strange in some respects.

Naomi:  No!  Thank you so much for enduring the hot seat today.  If any other reader would like to brave the hot seat or luke warm seat if they prefer, please drop me a line.


Reader Interview: Zortran

Published September 5, 2012 by jnaomiay

Today I have the distinct pleasure of interviewing Zortran who is our first volunteer to submit to a reader interview.  He is sitting in our lovely and loving chair awaiting my questions.

Naomi: Are you comfortable Zortran? 

Zortran: Yes, thanks Naomi, very.

Naomi:  Excellent. Let’s get started.  Is that your real name and if not, why won’t you tell me your real name?

Zortran: (Clears throat) It’s none of your business.  Is Naomi your real name:?

Naomi:  As real as Zortran, perhaps more so.  Moving on…let’s start with just a brief synopsis of your favorite book.  In 20 words or less, tell me what it is about.

Zortran:  It’s about this dude who’s got like super natural powers and he’s like totally from a different planet and can do like everything and besides that he like a total chick magnet.

Naomi:  Would you happen to be referring to my book, The Boy who Lit up the Sky?

Zortran:  Um…no.  I was actually referring to my favorite Superman Comic book.

Naomi:  (exhaling loudly)  Comic book?  Alright, no worries.  We’ll continue.  If this character, ahem…Superman, called you up tomorrow and said, “Hey, let’s go do something.”  What and where would you go with him?

Zortran: We’d go to my basement and we’d all spread out on the rug and my buddies would all come over and we’d play League of Legends on our laptops.  We’d probably make some popcorn and drink a lot of soda and if we got really hungry we’d probably dive into the Easy Mac’s or roast a frozen pizza.

Naomi:  And you think Superman would like to do this?

Zortran:  Yeah, sure why not?

Naomi:  How do you roast a pizza?

Zortran:  You put it on the barbeque and make sure that the fire doesn’t turn it into toast.  Actually, the superdude could probably roast it with his x-ray vision.  That would be way cool.

Naomi:  Gotcha.  Alright then, moving on, do you do anything else besides read and if so what is it?

Zortan:  Uh yeah.  I play League of Legends and Warcraft and sometimes Starcraft.  Actually, I’d do all of those things before I would read.

Naomi:  Why don’t I find that surprising?  Do you read at all, other than the comic book?

Zortran:  Sure.  Sometimes there’s things and like, you know, dialogue on the screen during the game that I have to read.  Also, we have all these chat boxes open and I have to like read them and still keep track of what I’m doing at the same time.

Naomi:  Why do you have chat boxes when you are all just sitting there in the basement together?  Why can’t you just chat with your mouth?

Zortran:  Nobody does that.  That’s lame.

Naomi:  What’s the ugliest thing in your closet?

Zortran:  Hah.  That’s easy, my little sister.  I locked her in there about 4 years ago.  She’s gotten really ugly since then.

Naomi:  (standing up)  Yes, well, thank you for that, Zortran.  This concludes our first reader interview.  I’ll be leaving now and yes..well, good luck with that. 

If you are a reader and would like to be interviewed and have your words immortalized for all time here and searchable by all the search engines across the web, please send me an email.