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Lydia’s Dance is free – Aug 17

Published August 16, 2012 by jnaomiay

In honor of my father who died 12 years ago tomorrow, Lydia’s Dance is going to be free again. My dad and the book are absolutely unrelated although he probably would have enjoyed the stories immensely, especially the character of Manny Golden. In any case, doing the promo tomorrow may add a little excitement to a day that is normally very grim. If you haven’t picked up a copy, feel free.

Free for kindle on Wednesday April 11, 2012

Published April 9, 2012 by jnaomiay

Free on Wednesday April 11, 2012 only, Book 3, Of Blood and Angels will be available to download!  This will probably be the only day I do a freebie so if you are working your way through the series, get it now.   Here is the link: