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Coming Soon! – Treasure Hunt, The Two Moons of Rehnor, Book 9

Published June 9, 2013 by jnaomiay

Treausre Hunt 7

In book 9 of the bestselling Two Moons of Rehnor series, a spaceplane has crashed on Lyra II, an undeveloped Mesozoic stage planet.  All adults aboard are dead, leaving only ten year old Sara to survive alone.  Meanwhile, something strange is happening even further out in the galaxy where a young man is kidnapped by a Space Cowboy.  On top of that, the Palace of Mishnah is in a state of upheaval as formerly loyal Retainers scheme for control of the throne.  The Imperial SpaceNavy must race to the rescue of both Sara and the young man while searching for a missing treasure which holds the key to solving the crisis at the Palace.


New Release! Diridan’s Daughter

Published March 19, 2013 by jnaomiay

A brand new novella has just been added to The Two Moons of Rehnor Novella Collection.

Cinda is the daughter of the Almost-Chief Diridan, a great and highly revered warrior who is also a confidant of the king. When Cinda’s mother dies, her father spins out of control, resulting in banishment for the both of them to the distant village of Shrotru. Cinda’s story occurs mid way through The Boy who Lit up the Sky and supplements Senya’s adventures in Karupatani.  Only $1.29 on



Metamorphosis, The Two Moons of Rehnor, Book 7 is live!

Published October 31, 2012 by jnaomiay

Katie is in the midst of a midlife crisis. She’s bored with her husband of thirty years, worried about her still unmarried son and her best friend is dying of cancer. Caroline’s last request sends her friends to Earth to retrieve a package left there twenty-four years ago. The package is nothing like they expect and an adventure that takes them to a distant galaxy ensues. Metamorphosis is about change, in the seasons, over the years, in our lives and in our love.

On and at Smashwords!  Click the pic to be taken there.

Coming soon, very, very soon…

Published July 6, 2012 by jnaomiay

Journey to Rehnor, Book 1, The New Planet.

Set a thousand years before The Two Moons of Rehnor series, the Journey to Rehnor begins with the destruction of the planet Rozari.  The Duke of Shrotru’s family escapes in the nick of time and watches the nuclear detonations from the safety of their spaceship.  They must now spend a year traveling across the stars only to land on the undeveloped planet Rehnor.  Here they learn to live in mud huts without electricity, running water, cell phones or video game systems.  The challenges are many but they’ll  have a little help along the way.

Announcement: New Book coming out!

Published June 26, 2012 by jnaomiay

Book 1 in the new series Journey to Rehnor is done and just getting some final copy editing touches.  I hope to have it up to Amazon in early July.  Right now it is still unnamed but it’s a prequel to The Two Moons of Rehnor series set 1,000 years earlier when the mother planet Rozari was nuked and the Karuptas left to find a new home.  Early readers say it’s good so watch for it.  I am leaning toward putting it in KDP select for one term and so if I run any free days, I’ll announce it here and everywhere else.

Book distribution update

Published June 22, 2012 by jnaomiay

Everybody except Book 3, Of Blood and Angels is now up on Smashwords and Barnes & Noble.  Book 3 will go there next Friday.

Books 1, 2 & 4 have already been accepted by the premium catalog and are on Kobo, Apple and making their way to Sony, Baker-Taylor and Diesel.  Book 5 still waiting approval.

Paperbacks are available through Amazon and all the extended channels including Barnes & Noble and independent booksellers for Books 1 – 4.   Book 5 will be released to paperback within the next few weeks, I hope.

Funnily enough, I saw a posting on eBay Australia advertising The Boy who Lit up the Sky paperback and of course you can buy them in India and a few other places too.  This world is amazingly small.

Lastly, Book 6…hmmm…well there isn’t a book 6.  That isn’t to say there won’t be but if you’ve been following my blog, you would know that 1 -5 was written altogether.  I’m tossing around ideas for a 6 but so far nothing is really ringing my bell.  I’m open to suggestions though.