August Weather Report

Published August 6, 2015 by jnaomiay
That thing in the sky

That thing in the sky

Well, here we are in the waning days of summer, and if you are anywhere near the Great Northwest, you know it is an unusual color this year.  Brown.  Believe it or not, our throats are parched and our gardens even more so, as we stand outside and gaze at the normally mysterious object in the sky, and wonder when it will go away.  Soon, I hope.  Soon, the glorious dark clouds and ever present fog will return, along with the persistent state of dampness known as drizzle.  I dearly hope.

The mountains are bare which means our reservoirs are empty, thus my roses are thin, scraggly, thorny sticks with only an occasional blossom.  My peas and beans gave up the ghost early, and our grass is virtually non-existent.  That’s a benefit, I suppose, as I haven’t had to mow.

At any rate, I’m sure you don’t care to hear my weather report as undoubtedly you are dealing with weather of your own.  That’s one of the big things you can always count on: Weather, Death and Taxes.

So, on to my book report.  Book 3, tentatively called Three Kings and a Prince is well on its way to joining its brethren in the Firesetter series, probably before the holidays set in.  I’m having fun with this book, as I did with both A Thread of Time and Amyr’s Command.  One of the lessons I retained from Two Moons, was not to hurry the clock, so here in the third book, you’ll find Amyr still young, barely past his teens.  Amyr’s Command is available for preorder, releasing on or before Sept 7.  Initially, all of the books will be exclusive to Amazon and available in Kindle Unlimited.  As to the series, Firesetter will continue well into 2016, the number of episodes still undetermined.

I still plan to resume the Journey to Rehnor serials, hopefully after finishing Three Kings.  The whole Journey series is already mapped out in my head.  I just need the time and desire to put it down on virtual paper.

Speaking of what’s floating in my head, there are a lot of random thoughts, many of them not so good.  Is it just me, or does it seem like the world is spinning at an odd angle?  Atlas is still holding us upon his shoulder, but he must be suffering from a rotator cuff injury, for it we are on the verge of tumbling off.

Which is why we indulge in fantasy, is it not?  Whether as a reader or a writer, it is much easier to worry about Senya and Katie bickering than what goes on in real life.  Which is why I prefer to spend my days chastising Amyr for not owning up to his responsibilities.  Who does he think he is flitting nonchalantly around the galaxy when peoples’ lives are at stake?

There is a metaphor in there, but I won’t spoon feed it.  Instead, I’ll leave it to you to figure out.  Pardon me while I plug my earbuds back in, connect the Bluetooth keyboard to my iPad and go back to Rehnor where I control the weather.


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