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I was hot…thirty years ago maybe.

Published June 16, 2015 by jnaomiay

I was hot.  Yeah, right, like maybe thirty years ago.  No, seriously, I was, albeit briefly.  My newest novel “A Thread of Time,” in my newest series, “Firesetter,” was hot coming up to the end of its tenure in the Kindle Scout system.

But, it flamed out, which means Amazon isn’t going to do the heavy lifting by publishing and promoting it for me.

So, I’m on my own again, which being the highly opinionated and control-freak type person that I am, might actually be a good thing.

At any rate, it’s now live and local to you, exclusive on and enrolled in Kindle Unlimited so you can borrow it for free.

Firesetter Book 2, tentatively named “Amyr’s Command,” will also be arriving sometime late this summer.

As far as the the Firesetter series goes, I’ve learned a few things while writing the Two Moons of Rehnor.  If you liked the Two Moons, you’ll like Firesetter.  If you didn’t like the graphic language in Two Moons, you’ll be glad to know that most profanities are the classic Karupta exclamation, “Kari-fa!”  I’ve also toned down the violence to more of a mental abuse rather than physical while hopefully retaining some of the edginess.  It’s also suitable for a YA audience.

Lastly, right now, I’m envisioning the Firesetter series to extend at most to five novels, which gives me a decent sized project for the next year.  No way, no how will it turn into a sixteen tome behemoth.  Of course, I said that multiple times throughout the Two Moons series.  No, seriously.  Five and that’s all.

Happy summer!

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