April Book Release Update

Published April 3, 2015 by jnaomiay

A somewhat truncated and brief book release update for the month of April as everyone is off doing whatever it is that everyone does when there is blood moon in the fourth tetrad.  I, personally, am roasting the shank of a Paschal lamb, which I will offer to the Prophet Elijah along with a glass of wine and slice of unleavened cake when he drops in at my home tonight.  If he doesn’t want the shank, Smokey will gladly take it off his hands.  In fact, Smokey is having a bit of an issue with this as the poor pup can’t wrap his mind around the concept of giving such a wondrous piece of meat to an invisible apparition that is supposed to wander in our open door.  Come to think of it, Mr. Ay is having the same issues with unleavened cake which is made with frozen blackberries I picked last summer.

At any rate, as I have been coerced into preparing dinner for twelve people, all of whom are related to me, I have once again fallen behind in my ambitious writing schedule.  You’ll be happy to know the stack of tax returns upon my desk is now down to three, though.  I know this was something that greatly concerned you these last few months.  It concerned me as well.  So, that being said, once the feast has been concluded, the tablecloth taken to the dry cleaners and the good silver put away, I will return to my writing desk and resume my adventures on Rehnor.

The Journey to Rehnor series is just as stuck as it was last month, the Kirkut family still suffering from radiation exposure as I haven’t yet managed to blast them off into space.

However, the new book, the one that still remains unfocused and unnamed is about sixty percent done.  My goal is to finish it in April.  I like it.  That doesn’t mean that you will of course.  But I do and since all my writing is primarily for me, you all merely come along for the ride if you want and nothing else matters.

Speaking of, I’ve been listening to Rebecca A. Reynolds vocal rendition of Of Blood & Angels, The Two Moons of Rehnor, book 3.  She’s done another bang up fantastic job voicing everybody in it; men, women, children, blue people, green people, brainless people, ghosts, angels and whatever else managed to crawl its way into that book.  And, after not looking at the book myself for about 3 years now, I’m sort of…well…surprised as I listen to it.  Did I really write that?  Good heavens!  Was I so twisted back then?  I blushed.  I cringed.  I put a paper bag on my head as I walked through the neighborhood listening to it on my iphone.  Anyway, it’s off cranking in Audible’s system doing whatever it needs to do to get out there available for you to download on Amazon and iTunes.

So, there you have it, my short and sweet update that actually turned into another essay.  Yes, I know I have a tendency to produce a tremendous amount of verbiage, after all The Two Moons of Rehnor series is more than a million words long.  But, it keeps me off the streets and out of trouble and sure beats polishing silverware for the eleven relatives joining me tonight.

Happy Easter to those who do that.  Happy Passover to the others welcoming Elijah, and Happy Spring to those who don’t do either and do not judge those of us who do.



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