Gone for a Spin – Now available for preorder on Amazon.com

Published November 21, 2014 by jnaomiay

The last and final installment in the Two Moons of Rehnor series finds Katie sharing a delicate moment with the mysterious Gabe, just as a spaceplane crashes into the lake, steps from them.  To Katie’s surprise Shika, Rent, and Arsan are aboard, but for what purpose?  Surely, it’s not a mere coincidence that has brought them all together.

In the meantime, Sara is stuck waiting at school for someone to pick her up for winter break.  It seems she has been abandoned yet again, for Sara’s step-mother Joanne and step-siblings, Carolie and Rory have already departed the planet en route to Earth.  They are traveling with Jim and Shelly Mattson, who are likewise escaping the Empire, and Evil Emperor, not that he would notice, or care, in any case.

Senya isn’t paying attention to much of anything these days, for he is spending all of his time in a drunken stupor.  It is only when a warning arrives regarding his imminent termination that he sits up, and attempts to mend his ways.  It may be too late, though, as an evil and incredibly lethal virus is annihilating the galaxy’s population at breakneck speed.




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