Something New!

Published September 4, 2014 by jnaomiay

Here’s something new and different, okay maybe only a little different, but still…Introducing the new Angel Complex series with book 1, Karma Can Kill You, available only at Amazon and free with Kindle Unlimited!

Maddie Warren’s life is a mess. After seven years, she’s still mourning the tragic and sudden death of her husband, Phil. Her midlevel management job at an accounting firm bores her to tears, and every night she paces the floor of her condo, a victim of chronic insomnia.
If only she could be just starting out again like her administrative assistant, Jen, married to a hunky fireman husband, and new homeowners of their first bungalow.
Jen’s attempts at fixing Maddie up with their friend, Scoop, just don’t seem to work. Maddie is convinced that love will never find her again, until one fateful Saturday.
During a day of shopping at the big box store, between the Super Whip-o-Matic demo, and the table of bite-sized samples of the latest fusion cuisine, Maddie collides with an old high school flame, a guy she would prefer not to remember.
This chance meeting sets Maddie’s life on a course that will change her forever, but there is nothing Maddie can do about it, because her fate is controlled by someone else.




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