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SdK Board Meeting Minutes – Aug 2014

Published August 11, 2014 by jnaomiay

SdK Board Meeting Minutes

Aug 2014

Attendees:  Jim, Steve, Rent, Arsan

Location:  SdK Tower Executive Conference Room

Jim:  Okay, guys, let’s get started.

Steve:  Where in the hell is everybody?

Arsan:  Hell.

Rent: Seriously?

Arsan: (shrugging)  Maybe.  Probably.

Jim:  Guys!  (Jim pounds the gavel.)  I have only a few items on our list.  Let’s see how quickly we can finish this up.  There’s a preseason game on in twenty minutes and it’s still Happy Hour over at the Corral.  Drinks and Wings half price, you know.

Rent:  I’m in.  I love their Rope ’em & Ride ’em Cowboy Spaghetti.

Steve:  You would.  Where’s Naomi?

Jim:  (clears his throat)  Actually, guys, she’s not coming today.

Shock and awe around the table.

Steve:  She’s got something more important to do than meet with us?

Jim:  Well…

Steve:  (Steve waves at the near empty room, and the enormous conference table.)  So we’re supposed to have a board meeting, the three of us and Junior?

Arsan: Hey!

Jim:  Steve, calm down.  Naomi left instructions, and she specifically said Arsan needs to be included in everything we do.

Arsan:  Uh huh.  Uh huh.  (Arsan high fives himself)

Rent:  He’s actually a lot older and wiser than he looks.

Arsan:  Hey!

Steve:  Who is your agent, kid?  Are you using the same dude the Big Man’s got?

Arsan smiles smugly.

Steve:  Sheesh.  I bet your contract’s worth a lot more than mine.

Jim:  Steve, give it a rest.  I’ve seen everyone’s contracts and they’re all fair.

Steve:  Yeah?  How much does the Big Guy get?

Jim:  Well…He is THE BIG GUY and his contract is commiserate with that.  Anyway, let’s get back to the business at hand.

Rent:  Yeah.  We should just be glad we’ve got the contracts we do.  Especially after what happened to the entire Korelesk family.  (Rent shakes his head and blows out air from between his teeth.)  Nasty.

Silence around the table for a moment.

Jim:  So, (Jim clears his throat again), Naomi wants us to announce that Fairy Tales was just released, and is available only on and it is eligible for Kindle Unlimited.

Arsan: (Standing up and dancing) Oh yeah!  My book.  My book.  Oh yeah!  It’s all about me.

Steve:  Shut up!

Rent:  Actually, it’s about more than just you.

Arsan:  Mostly me though.  You guys aren’t even in it.

Steve:  Shut up!

Arsan:  He’s just mad because his wives keep leaving him.  Right, pops?

Steve:  Who was your mother again?

Arsan’s face turns bright pink.

Rent:  Be careful, Steve.  You know he’s One of Them.

Steve:  Yeah, but he can’t do the finger thing.

Jim:  (pounding the gavel)  Guys!  Arsan, sit down and behave yourself.  Now, Naomi also wants me to announce that the audiobook for My Enemy’s Son will be released in early September.  Rebecca A. Reynolds is narrating it again and she’s done an awesome job on all the voices.

Steve:  So who cares?  None of us are in it.

Jim:  I am.

Rent:  Actually, you’re only referred to as playing in a pee-wee football game and joining your grandparents for dinner.

Steve (laughing):  You tell him, bro.

Jim:  Are you done, Steve?  I’ve got more announcements to make.

Steve:  I don’t know, Jim.  Am I done?  Are we all done?  Is Naomi trying to tell us something by not being here?  How many meetings has it been since the Big Guy was here?  Maybe, it’s over.  We’re all washed up and in denial about it.  What do you think, sport?

Arsan (shrugs):  I’m good either way.

Jim:  Well, I was going to save this for the last item, but since you brought it up, I’ll announce it now.  Naomi says there’s going to be a new book, possibly a new series.

Steve:  And, none of us are in it.

Jim:  If your agent hasn’t been contacted about a new contract, then no, you won’t be in it.

Rent pulls out his cellphone and texts his agent.

Steve:  Shit.  Is it another one about those girls?  Black Gold or whatever in the hell she called them?

Jim (looking through his notes):  No, this is something entirely new.  The working title is something like The Angel Complex.

Arsan (bolting from his seat):  Score!

Rent (shaking his head):  I guess I’m out.

Jim:  It’s early yet.  She doesn’t know who could show up later.

Steve: But, the Big Guy’s in it, of course, and wherever he goes, Captain DragonLady follows.

Rent:  Are you asking or telling?

Jim:  Well…

Steve:  I suppose there’s hope that we can be born again.  Right, bro?

Jim:  Anyway, ETA on that is sometime in September 2014.  Now, regarding the Two Moons series…

Steve:  Wait.  Are we just done then?  Is Naomi just going to leave us plummeting into a frozen lake?  That’s it?

Jim (checking his notes):  Hard to say.  She hasn’t indicated one way or another.  What she does want me to announce though is that all of the novelettes, the audiobooks, the comic book, Black Gold, and the Two Moons extended series books 11 – 15 are available to borrow through Kindle Unlimited which will save our readers a whole lot of money.

Rent:  Saving money is good.

Arsan:  My book!  Oh yeah!  My book!

Jim:  And, books 1 – 10 are available on other lending programs such as Scribd and Oyster so you can save a lot of money by borrowing from them too.  Also, some library systems are now able to carry books 1 – 10 if they are part of the Overdrive network.  Specifically, Naomi wants to thank the King County Library System and the Washington Anytime Library System for stocking ebooks from The Two Moons of Rehnor series.  If our readers are interested in getting the series in their libraries, they should contact their local librarian or go online to make a book request.

Rent:  Libraries are useful.

Arsan:  My book!  Oh yeah!  My book!

Steve:  Are we done?

Jim (checking his watch):  Yep.  Just in time for the kick-off.  First round of beer is on me.

Rent:  Rope ‘em & Ride ‘em Spaghetti, here we come!fairytales.jpg