Adapt or die?

Published July 29, 2014 by jnaomiay

This morning, I loaded 13 titles into Kindle Unlimited, titles that were spread out across the world in various channels.  My main collection, the first 10 novels of the Two Moons of Rehnor series, is still out there everywhere as after two years of working it, I’m just now starting to get into libraries and seeing some action on iTunes and B&N among others.  

Kindle Unlimited, however, is a game changer for both authors and readers.  If you are spending more than $10 a month on ebooks, then you must, without question, go into Kindle Unlimited.  For authors who are selling titles at $2.99 or less, Kindle Unlimited makes sense for you too as your royalties, especially on the 99 cent titles will dramatically increase (or so we hope).  For the higher priced titles, it could be deadly, cutting royalties in half or even worse.  Will the volume make up for that?  Hard to say.  We’ll see.

What it does tell us though, is that our ebooks should be lower priced, and to that end, shorter.  If, on average, I write 10,000 words a week, I could have a novelette, a serial episode, or some other short out there earning full royalties on a weekly basis, rather than toil away on a novel for several months or more that will ultimately earn the same.  It also tells us that quality may drop dramatically.  In the process of writing a novel, I reread it, edit, revise it, rewrite it, tear it up and start it over a minimum of a dozen times.  A short won’t get that attention from me as the story simply won’t require it.  Tying in what happened on page 1 to how we end up on page 250 is less important when the whole thing is only 30 pages anyway.  

So, ultimately, whether KU is a good thing or a bad thing, it’s simply too soon to tell, and I’m not smart enough to predict it anyway.  I’ll straddle the fence by loading all my novelettes and the “extended series novels” 11 – 15 into the program for the next quarter and see how they do.

Your thoughts?




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