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New fun quiz!

Published May 13, 2014 by jnaomiay

Want to win a copy of The Boy who Lit up the Sky audiobook?  Just answer the questions on my new quiz and get 50% correct.  Come on!  Anyone can do that.

New fun quiz!


Just Released: Betrayal, The Two Moons of Rehnor, Book 14

Published May 5, 2014 by jnaomiay

Oy Amazon!  Cover isn’t showing and page count is wrong as usual by about 50 pages, but it’s there for your reading enjoyment.  Just click the pic and I’ll take you there.

The Imperial Court has moved to Rozari, to the villa by the Pink Sea, while the Imperial Palace undergoes renovations and reconstruction. 
Steve and Rent have been confined to the villa by the Mad Emperor, prisoners under house arrest while living in paradise. 
Rent is fine with this, as he has taken a fancy to Eva, the new Imperial Finance Minister, who resides in the villa’s annex. Steve, however, is anxious to escape from both his childhood bedroom and his indifferent wife, Joanne. 
In the meantime, Anne Black has arrived on Earth in a stolen Spaceforce shuttle. Preferring solitude and reclusiveness, she spends her days blasting crows with her laser, or assassinating the flowers in the garden of her rented doublewide. 
One afternoon, while shopping in the local Big Box store, Anne collides with a man whose voice sends shivers down her spine. Although he reminds her of someone, he is clearly someone else, someone intent on taking her to places she doesn’t want to go, including jail.