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SdK Board Meeting – May 2014

Published April 26, 2014 by jnaomiay

SdK Corporation Board Meeting May 2014

Location:  New board room in the rebuilt SdK Tower


Attendees:  Naomi, Jim, Steve, Rent, Katie, Gabe, Arsan


Jim bangs the gavel and calls the meeting to order.


Jim: Thanks for coming everybody.  I know you all had to quickly rearrange your schedules, but Naomi thought it was important that we have a quick discussion before she goes on vacation.

Gabe:  Oh, that’s nice, Naomi.  Where are you going?

Naomi:  Maui.

Ooohs from around the table.

Katie:  Is that dickhead going with you?

Naomi:  If you are referring to Mr. Ay, then, yes.  He’s coming too.

Katie:  You know who I mean.

Naomi:  Yes, I do, Katie, and if he wanted to join us, I’m certain Mr. Ay would be pleased to have him along.  They both would enjoy each other’s company immensely, sitting on the lanai, drinking beer, smoking cigs, and watching the 24 hour football channel.

Katie (under her breath):  There’s no accounting for Mr. Ay’s taste.

Steve:  Where the Big Guy anyway?  How’d he manage to get excused from this meeting?

Jim: He sent a note saying he’s busy.

Naomi:  Actually, he’s off seeking something he can’t quite reach, searching for something he can’t quite find, and doing whatever needs to be done to secure permission to destroy the universe.

Ooohs from around the table.

Rent:  Do you think he’ll get it?  The permission, I mean.

Jim:  Naomi?

Naomi (shaking head):  I don’t know.  It’s quite possible.

Katie:  Right.  And, it’ll be up to me, again, to prevent it.  I should get a bonus for every time I’ve had to save the universe from him.

Gabe:  Actually, the rest of us might have a hand in it too, right, Naomi?

Naomi:  Yes, dear, but we are getting ahead of ourselves.  The purpose of this meeting is to discuss Book 14, Betrayal.

Katie (snorts) Yep.  That’s apropos.  Good name choice this time, Naomi.

Naomi:  Thank you, Katie.  I want to announce that Betrayal has just passed the censors and will be ready for publication much earlier than I originally anticipated.  However, the censors have taken it to task and although it is chock full of provoking thoughts, as well as the usual collection of fruits and nuts, it is much shorter than I anticipated.

Steve:  What does that mean?

Jim:  It means they blacked out a lot of stuff.  It wasn’t politically correct.  The Rossorian Defense Alliance has lodged a complaint against us for blatant prejudice and bigotry toward Rossorians.  We don’t have a Rossorian on our board and we don’t allow Rossorian cloaks as part of our office dress code.

Rent:  I don’t have any problem with their clothes.

Steve:  Yeah, some of those dudes are butt ugly.  It may be better that they’re all covered up.

Jim:  Orange is totally the wrong color when it comes to our new décor.

Naomi:  In any case, it means that a significant amount of the text has been blacked out of the book.  Instead of our usual 52000 word count, Betrayal has been reduced to 5.

Rent:  5 what?  5 pages?

Naomi:  No.  5 words.

Steve:  The whole book is 5 words?

Jim:  Yes.  Unfortunately, because of our overhead, we’re still going to have to sell it for $4.99.  This means it’s practically $1 per word.

Ooohs from around the table.

Jim:  But on a happy note, Amazon will like that.  It reduces their delivery costs.

Naomi:  At any rate, I’m going to release it around May 6, right before I go to Maui.  Hopefully, by then, our legal team can find a loophole to allow all 52,000 words to be published.

Ooohs from around the table.

Gabe:  Sounds lovely, Naomi.  Have a restful vacation.  Are you taking Princess Sara?

Naomi:  No.  I’m leaving her home.  In fact, she’s one of the reasons I’m going.  Teenagers, you know.

Steve:  Yeah.  Teenagers are a pain in the ass.

Arsan:  (jolting awake) What?

Steve:  Starting with you, junior.

Katie:  Leave him alone.  He’s positively angelic compared to you.

Arsan:  (smiling)  Thanks, Gra…

Katie: Don’t say it!  I don’t ever want to be called that.

Rent snickers.

Jim adjourns the meeting.



The Boy who Lit up the Sky Audiobook Just Released!

Published April 11, 2014 by jnaomiay

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