Naomi’s Meeting with Senya

Published March 23, 2014 by jnaomiay

I am gravely concerned over some recent reviews we have received, and perplexed by the perception communicated in them.  To that end, I have had to set up a meeting with Senya in order to get his advice on how to deal with this most serious situation.  I have scheduled the meeting to take place at the local Starbucks during the midmorning, after the early coffee rush, and before the lunch crowd, so as not be disturbed.  Only the ever present and overly loud hip hop music playing on the speaker system disrupts the otherwise calm atmosphere.

Naomi:  Over here, dear.  I have already got your coffee, a venti black drip, your favorite.

Senya:  (sitting down in the overstuffed chair across from Naomi)  Thank you.

Naomi:  Would you like something to eat too?  A raisin roll or chocolate donut perhaps?

Senya:   No.

Naomi:  I don’t think they allow smoking in here.  State regulations and all that.  You’ll need to put that out.

Senya blows a puff of smoke into the air.  A guy in a green apron comes over.

Starbucks guy:  You’ll need to extinguish that, mister.

Senya drinks his coffee, ignoring the Starbucks guy.  He takes another drag on his cig.

Starbucks guy’s eyes roll back in his head.  He sways on his feet a few moments, before jolting awake.

Starbucks guy: Whoa!  More coffee, dude?

Senya:  Go away.  What do you want, Naomi?

Naomi:  Don’t be cruel, darling.  He’s only trying to do his job.

Senya exhales more smoke into the air.

Naomi:  (picking at a tiny piece of lint on her shirt)  It’s the reviews.  I’m terribly concerned.  After all this time, we’re getting a spate of reviews saying that the book is about pedophilia.  Obviously, it’s not.  Of course, it’s not.  You dispatch the evil bastard in the first chapter.  Extremely well done for a six year old, I might add.

Senya drinks his coffee.

Naomi:  And, the whole point, of course, is to demonstrate what sort of horrid world you came from, to show a contrast to what Rehnor would become later on under your stewardship.

Senya takes a drag on his cig.

Naomi:  There’s also the contrast to Katie’s world, her simple, ordinary, suburban existence on Earth, so carefree as compared to your daily fight to survive.

Senya:  And your point is?

Naomi:  Oh, I don’t know.  (Naomi fumbles with her napkin)  I guess I was just trying to say that this world is full of evil.  Bad things happen to good people, and all that.  There are no unicorns and lollipops, sunshine and rainbows.  We must always be on our guard, vigilant, fighting against the monsters in society, and sometimes, in ourselves.

Senya tamps out his cigarette.

Naomi:  And, Mr. Ay says in the next book I should have you do some yard work.  How do you feel about mowing the lawn or shoveling dirt?

Senya:  I despise yard work.  Are we finished?

Naomi:  Yes. dear.

Senya leaves.

Naomi:  Good talk, dear.  Thanks for that.  I knew you could bring some clarity to the situation.



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