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The Two Moons of Rehnor Book 13 – Thirteen *** Just released!

Published February 27, 2014 by jnaomiay

Overnight, it seems, the Rossorians have taken over Rehnor.  The Mishnese can either join them or be ostracized, while the Karuptas are told to get out.

Despite the worst snow storm in the planet’s recorded history, Steve and Rent must return to the decrepit remains of the Palace, summoned by someone who had been loyal up until now.

In the meantime, Katie and Dave have crashed on a tidally locked planet near a dying red dwarf star in the distant Black Eye Galaxy.  With no means of escape and no sign of rescue, Katie attempts to kill one the planet’s armadillo-like creatures in hopes of eating it.  Unfortunately, she discovers the creatures would rather eat her.

Kindle edition here:



February Book Release Update

Published February 6, 2014 by jnaomiay

February Book Release Update

The first graphic novel/comic book has finally been released!  Thanks to the fabulous artistic talents of illustrator Elizabeth Gottlieb, you can now read about Senya in a whole new way.  As those of you familiar with the series will discover, this is just the first part of the first chapter of The Boy.  Hopefully, if all goes well, we shall be able to release another issue before summer.  You can find it on Amazon only right now.  Here’s the link:

Book 12, Rivalry was released in early January and is available everywhere, or should be.  Here’s the link for that:

Things are looking bad in the Empire.  In fact, it’s questionable whether or not the Empire can even exist at this point.  After reading Rivalry, be sure to check out my “Who is Arsan” quiz posted on my website  You’ll find it in the Fun & Gear page.  I’m curious to hear your theories.  Just for participating, I’ll give you your choice of audiobook, including Thad’s Mistakes, Space Doctor, Black Gold, or the newly released Caissa’s Favor.  If you complete the quiz and are expecting an audiobook code from me, please be sure to check your spam as it seems a lot of my emails are ending up there.  And, speaking of Arsan, do I know who he is?  Yep, and you’re going to be surprised.

Book 13, as of yet unnamed, should be ready sometime in late March.  If you’re in the later books in the series, you can see that I’m switching between the Korelesks, the Kalika-hahrs, the young kids, and a few others at this point.  In 13, we’re back to dealing with the Korelesks, and they’re primarily Steve and Rent’s problem although as usual, there will be a few new characters and HIM and HER will be there too.

Coming in late March, as well, will be The Boy who Lit up the Sky audio book.  Voiceover artist R.A. Reynolds is doing a fantastic job with it.  You’ll love her voices.  Afterward, she plans to tackle My Enemy’s Son.  I’m very much looking forward to both.

Lastly, for your friends and family who haven’t yet started the series, The Boy who Lit up the Sky is currently free on Amazon and everywhere else.  I don’t know how long this deal will last so don’t wait.

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