New Wiper Blades

Published November 7, 2013 by jnaomiay

Last November, my wipers squeaked.  I didn’t think they were bad.  They cleaned the windows well enough and if I turned up the radio loud enough, I didn’t even hear them.

My mom did, though.  She had a lot of doctors’ appointments last November because of her eye condition so multiple times a week, I was driving her here or there in my car and somehow it was always raining, and somehow, the wipers were always squeaking.

Every time she got in the car, she would nag at me to change the wipers.  The noise drove her crazy.  I would respond by saying dumb things like, “Maybe, it’s too dry.  Once the rain really starts coming down hard, they’ll stop squeaking.”  Sometimes, they did stop, but invariably they’d start up again, screech, squeak, screech, squeak, with each pass of the blades.

Maybe, the truth was I didn’t want to spend the $40 to go get new blades.  Maybe, I was afraid I’d have to put them on myself and I’d do something wrong and they’d go flying off in traffic leaving me with only a metal rod to wipe my windows while I trundled down the freeway at 55 mph.  Maybe, I was just too lazy.

On November 30th last year, during a night when the rain was pummeling down hard, my mom had a heart attack from which she never woke up.  My husband drove me to the hospital through that rain, the wipers squeaking and screeching the whole time.  It rained the whole five days she stayed on life support and only stopped for a few minutes when we finally turned off the machines.

I bought new wipers a week later.

This morning, I drove my daughter to school and realized my wipers were squeaking again.  November has returned and so have the Seattle rains.  I guess it’s time for me to get new wipers.


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