Coming in November 2013: Imperial Masquerade

Published October 20, 2013 by jnaomiay

Ah well, here we go again.  Another one has materialized out of thin air.  At least they don’t require feeding, walking, diaper changes or college tuition.   Naming them is much harder though.  With the kid, you call him/her after whomever they resemble, Great Uncle Charley or Grandmother Agnes.  The dog is named for his physical characteristics such as Spot, Brownie, Spunky or Old Yeller.  The book, however, requires a name that has something to do with its contents while providing an intriguing reason to check out those contents but not spoil them.   The title should also be filled with double entendré and/or innuendo so readers will study it and think you, “oh, so clever.”

So, here is the new one, affectionately titled “Imperial Masquerade” which I personally think is oh so clever.    You’ll have the opportunity to agree or disagree but not until November, exact date TBD.



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