SdK Corporation Board Meeting Minutes Sept 2013

Published September 10, 2013 by jnaomiay

SdK Board Meeting – Sept 2013

Members in attendance:  Naomi, Jimmy, Joanne, Steve, Rent, Trudy, Sara, Taner, Zem, Janet.

Jim:  (Pounding gavel)  Okay, everybody.  Let’s get started here.

Taner:  Well, this certainly is a different group from years past.

Zem:  Yep.  I’m here.  Hi Naomi.

Naomi:  Hello Zem.  How are you feeling today?

Zem:  I am full of water.

Naomi:  Yes, of course.  Do you know where the restrooms are?

Taner:  Right outside to the left, old man.

Jim:  Can we get started please?

Joanne: (whispering to Sara)  You look lovely, very grown up.

Steve:  Uh…where’s…uh…(nods head toward the end of the table where sit two empty chairs.)  Shouldn’t we wait for them?

Jim:  They’re not coming.

Everybody:  What?!?

Jim:  Naomi, would you like to explain?

Naomi:  Yes, thank you, Jim.  As all of you are aware, or should be, all of your employment contracts extended to only ten books.  We’ve now reached that number and so everyone is up for renegotiation including…uhem…them.

Trudy:  I don’t understand.  I’m in only one book.  Shouldn’t I be guaranteed nine more?

Jim:  No.  Actually, the fine print says ten total series books excluding novelettes, novellas, audiobooks, or graphic novels.  So, regardless how many you personally were in, your contract has now expired.

Janet:  That’s not fair!

Joanne:  Why are you complaining?  You’ve been in everything since #2.

Janet:  I wasn’t in #1, 6 or 7.  I should have three more books.  I was hoping one of them was going to be all about me.

Trudy:  Rent, aren’t you upset?  You were only in two.

Rent: (shrugs)  Whatever.  I’m happy to have the experience on my resumé.

Steve:  Which was completely blank before this.

Joanne:  As was yours.  As were all of ours.

Taner:  So, Jim, Naomi, what are you saying?  Are we all finished?

Jim looks to Naomi.

Naomi:  (leans on the table and makes a prism with her hands)  Some of you are, I’m sorry to say.

Sara: Me?

Janet:  Of course not.  You’re the next generation.  Probably me and Taner.  We’re all that’s left of the old folks.

Zem:  I’m old.

Janet: Yeah, but you’re funny and a guy.  Everyone knows that women past 40 never get any parts.

Steve:  Will you please be quiet and let Naomi finish talking.  What about THEM? (He indicates the empty chairs again with his head).

Naomi:  We are in negotiation.  I’m not going to lie to you.  They have got me over the proverbial barrel with their demands.  My people are speaking to their people and hopefully, we’ll get this resolved.

Janet:  I guess I don’t want to be in it anyway if Ron’s not coming back.  If Katie returns and not Ron, for sure I don’t want to be in it!

Taner:  (sighing)  He always comes back, never fear.  Naomi will concede to whatever he demands and he will be here.  Count on it.  He always wins.

Zem:  Yep.  Sometimes you can’t see him, sometimes you can’t hear him, sometimes you can’t feel him, but you can always smell his cigarette smoke.

Rent:  Well, I hope he does.  I was just getting to know the guy.

Steve:  If he doesn’t, there’s more opportunity for you and me, bro.

Naomi:  Not necessarily, Steven.  Jim, will you let the new folks in, please?

Jim pushes a button to unlock the conference room door.  In comes Hannah and a large child with a shock of orange hair, pale skin and bright emerald eyes.

Steve:  Aw shit!  They aren’t new, Naomi!  They’re a bunch of retreads.

Hannah: Good to see you again too, Steve.

Sara: (whispering to Joanne)  Who are they?

Joanne:  That’s Steve’s ex-wife and the boy…I don’t know.

Steve:  (Pushing back his chair and lighting a cig)  That’s Marik Korelesk.  I thought we were done with him!  I thought we were done with all those fucking Korelesks.

Taner: That’s not Marik, Steven.  Marik is older than you.

Jim:  Actually, it is Marik.  Marik junior.  Have a seat, guys.

Hannah and Marik sit in the empty seats at the end of the table.

Steve: (jumping up)  Oh no!  I’m not going to play with these two here.

Joanne:  Sit down, Steve, or you’ll be written out!

Steve: Naomi?!?

Naomi:  I’m afraid, Joanne is right, dear.  If you want to remain, you’ll have to deal with them.  Alternatively, you can go find your father and convince him to come back and deal with them.

Steve (tossing his cig on the floor and grinding it with his foot) – That’s what I’ll do.  Come on, Rent.  You and me will do this together.

Rent:  What?

Steve:  Just come on, dude.  Any idea where they are, Naomi?

Naomi:  Bora Bora.  But, their attorneys are downtown.  I suggest you make an appointment to meet with them first.  Bring your checkbook.

Jim:  That’s it then?  Meeting adjourned?

Naomi nods.

Jim:  Good.  Next meeting in 3 months.

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