Oh, the angst!

Published August 22, 2013 by jnaomiay

I set down my proverbial pen, actually the laptop, and called this one a wrap.   While it goes off to the Editrix Extraordinaire and the others who will read and tear it apart, I pick up my iPad and prepare to do so myself.

My eyes hurt from lack of sleep.   My stomach churns with anxiety.  Is it as good as the others or worse?  Too much dialogue?  Too little?  Is it funny in the right places or over the top and falling flat?

Is it serious  enough?  Are the relationships deep?  Is it too political because you know I am.

Will it bring a tear to your eye as it did mine?  Will it keep you up at night tossing and turning, wondering, hoping, almost praying for fictional people in a fictional place that is yet, somehow so real and close to my heart.

So there it is, or soon it will be.  I hope it entertains.  In the meantime, I’ll curl up with my iPad and read it again, this time with fresh eyes and hopefully, an open mind.  When I’m done, I’ll give it to you.



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