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Another little teaser from The Two Moons of Rehnor #1

Published August 28, 2013 by jnaomiay

Ah, such a sweet thing..



Until he gets mad.




Oh, the angst!

Published August 22, 2013 by jnaomiay

I set down my proverbial pen, actually the laptop, and called this one a wrap.   While it goes off to the Editrix Extraordinaire and the others who will read and tear it apart, I pick up my iPad and prepare to do so myself.

My eyes hurt from lack of sleep.   My stomach churns with anxiety.  Is it as good as the others or worse?  Too much dialogue?  Too little?  Is it funny in the right places or over the top and falling flat?

Is it serious  enough?  Are the relationships deep?  Is it too political because you know I am.

Will it bring a tear to your eye as it did mine?  Will it keep you up at night tossing and turning, wondering, hoping, almost praying for fictional people in a fictional place that is yet, somehow so real and close to my heart.

So there it is, or soon it will be.  I hope it entertains.  In the meantime, I’ll curl up with my iPad and read it again, this time with fresh eyes and hopefully, an open mind.  When I’m done, I’ll give it to you.


New Release Updates!

Published August 17, 2013 by jnaomiay

There’s a lot on the agenda in the next few weeks so stay tuned for all of these new things:

Book 10 – officially titled Space Chase will be released in early September.  The first draft is done.  I’m plodding my way through the second draft and plan to have it off to the Editrix Extraordinaire by the end of the month.

The Two Moons of Rehnor #1 Graphic Novel – Also, in the works.  The very talented illustrator Elizabeth Gottlieb is busy inking away.  Afterwards, she’ll be coloring (not with crayons but with photoshop) and then, we’ll release it up to Amazon.  It looks like  #1 will be about 24 pages, many with multiple panels and will get about half way through Chapter 1 if you are following the novel.

Space Doctor is currently cranking through ACX’s system and should be loaded and for sale as an audiobook before the end of the month.  Kevin Goulet narrates this very funny tale and his interpretation of Jerry Waldman and his angst had me rolling on the floor.  In preparation for the release, I’ve reduced the price on the Space Doctor ebook to 99 cents.

Thad’s Mistakes is also in production as an audiobook, this one narrated by the very talented Kirk Hanley.  This, too, had me rolling on the floor with laughter as Kirk brought Thad and his mistakes to life.  Look for this one sometime in September.

Caissa’s Favor – Kirk and I are jointly working on narrating this novelette with Kirk doing Zork and Dave and me, of course, voicing Katie.  If this goes well, we’ll take a stab at turning The Boy into an audiobook too.  Look for Caissa’s Favor on Audible around the end of September.

Black Gold is also currently in production as an audiobook.  Kirk Hanley is doing this one as well.  I’m keeping him very busy as you can tell.  Look for this one in all the usual retail places sometime in mid September.

Lastly, when Space Chase is wrapped up, it’ll be time to start tripping again with the Time Tripping Adventures #2.  Tentatively, I’m planning for Mona and Bitsy to jot off to England circa 1484.  Who knows, maybe they’ll figure out what really happened to the lost princes in the Tower.