Introducing: Black Gold – Time Tripping Adventures #1 – Introductory Pricing only 99 cents!

Published July 17, 2013 by jnaomiay

It was a normal summer afternoon when Mona and Bitsy left the mall to head home after their day of shopping. At least, it seemed normal except for the thunderstorm and the possible tornado, which picked up their Prius and set them down in the middle of a wheat field. Oh, and those calls from North Dakota that Mona thought were a wrong number, they might have had something to do with where the girls landed. They were definitely not in Kansas anymore, and Reuben and Sean McLean were definitely not Munchkin men.

The girls want to go home to Littlefield, Illinois in the year 2010, but how? With their car out of gas, one lovesick cowboy chasing Bitsy, one major case of gender confusion, and a land-grabbing scheme to foil, the girls have their hands full. There’s also a farm to be saved and murder mystery to solve, but after meeting the McLean brothers, do the girls really want to go home?

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2 comments on “Introducing: Black Gold – Time Tripping Adventures #1 – Introductory Pricing only 99 cents!

  • Hi J. Naomi. I find your work interesting. I do a feature called Saturday Steals on my blog. Next time you have an intro price or freebie, let me know and I will include in my blog. I am confused about Space Chase X, if I order it from Amazon is it the ‘rushed version’ or the proofed version.? Continued good luck, I’m glad I found your blog.

    • Hi Andrea,
      The version of Space Chase on Amazon is the final version. I saw where Smash shipped out the final version to B&N and Kobo yesterday

      In the meantime, I would love to be featured on your blog anytime. Currently, The Boy is at a deal and steal price of 99c, Black Gold is 1.99, and Thad’s Mistakes is celebrating the release of the Audiobook at 99c.

      Smashwords and its distribution have Lydia’s Dance, Meri, and Caissa’s Favor for free.

      Another brief word about Space Chase, have you read the rest of the series? The novels are all sequential and are best read in order.



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