Big Red, a brand new Two Moons of Rehnor novella

Published April 28, 2013 by jnaomiay

In honor of Number One Son’s birthday on Tuesday, I would like to introduce Big Red, a brand new Two Moons of Rehnor Novella.  Actually, neither Number One Son nor his birthday have anything to do with the book.  I just needed a reason to launch it today.  Actually, I don’t need any reason, but since I launch so many, and it’s all become a bit hum drum and ‘oh yeah another one’, and ‘don’t you have anything better do to with your life than write these silly little books’, and a whole host of other droll comments which I won’t bore you with, here it is.  Oh, by the way, Amy Jambor designed this fabulous cover.  Oh, and one more thing, Big Red is available on Amazon and Smashwords, and soon to be available everywhere else which means, I’m sorry, it won’t be free.


Big Red – A Two Moons of Rehnor Novella

Luci was big, but she had a pretty face. At least, that is what everyone said. Unfortunately, between Luci’s size, her stuttering and lisps, and the squalid conditions of her family, Luci is doomed to a miserable life. A strange turn of events sends Luci to the city of New Mishnah where Great Aunt Klair takes her in and sets her on the path that will change everything.


Luci final -2



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