Test Drive: Grammarly

Published February 22, 2013 by jnaomiay

I’ve had the pleasure of test driving Grammarly this week and just wanted to share my results with you.  Though my lovely and extraordinary editrix, Rebecca goes through every manuscript with a fine tooth comb and though I personally read each one about 4000 times before release, some nasty little errors still worm their way through.  I was hoping that Grammarly would be helpful in catching these bugs, and I have to say, it did.

I test drove Grammarly by downloading it as a Word App, so it’s automatically installed whenever I pulled up Word.  I used it on a blog post for Tag Team in Space last night, which was about 700 words.  As far as I can tell now, it has cleaned up everything including those little nasties that I find right after I post.  Afterward, I spun it through Book 3 of The Two Moons of Rehnor, Of Blood & Angels,bk3cover all 70,000 words.  Grammarly took nearly 5 hours to crunch through with me editing and correcting interactively as it went.  I’m glad to see that the manuscript wasn’t a real mess.  Overall, it found about 5 genuine bad words.  However, it was all over me with commas which are the bane of my existence.  I prefer to avoid them whenever possible but with Grammarly putting them in the right places, commas and I just might come to terms.

One other feature of Grammarly that I particularly enjoy is the interactive thesaurus.  You can specify your writing style, and as you type, it will make word suggestions if you are becoming too redundant or would like your prose enhanced.

In general, I would recommend Grammarly for those with an awesome editrix like Rebecca and those without.  If you don’t use Word, you can copy and paste your content online.  You can find Grammarly online at www.grammarly.com.  For disclosure purposes, I am not being paid to say all this.

Now, I’m 300 words into this blog post.  Do you see any errors?  I don’t.


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