4 stories, 1 low price

Published January 10, 2013 by jnaomiay

Before midnight tonight…nah, anytime, it’s always available and there’s plenty in stock.  Now you can have 4, count ’em 4 stories from The Two Moons of Rehnor Novella Collection for the low low price of only $2.99.  This includes:

Lydia’s Dance – Sixteen year old Lydia is in love with a man she will not be allowed to marry. Instead her father has promised her to the son of their mortal enemy for the sole purpose of begetting her father’s heir. Lydia has no choice but to run away to the streets of Old Mishnah to save both her brother’s throne and her own life. Start the Two Moons of Rehnor series as Lydia begins the dance that will change not only the planet Rehnor but the entire galaxy.

Meri – (My personal favorite) Meri was born with a beauty unmatched though she lived in a decrepit flat in the old city. Her sister, Jayne longs for a life away from the streets and the mother who calls herself a nurse for giving treatments to men. Jayne and Meri venture to the Palace hoping for positions as maids. One girl is hired on, the other is turned away though neither will end up where they expected.

King of the Streets – Reggie is just eight years old when his mum is killed by a freak storm that hits the Old City. He finds himself out on his own on the streets and does what he must to survive. He works his way up the ranks of the gang that controls the trade becoming the King of the Streets until he meets the boy who changes everything.

Taner’s Running Game – Taner is all set to play running back on the junior varsity football team when his father is killed in a terrorist attack by the enemy Karuts. After the Princess Lydia comes to pay her condolences, Taner vows to join the Royal Guard to avenge his father’s death and to serve the Princess who he adores. However, the Princess dies before Taner finishes high school and then he breaks his ankle in his first college football game. Now all of Taner’s plans have gone awry. Join Taner in his early adventures before he meets up with The Boy who Lit up the Sky.

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