Being thankful….

Published November 22, 2012 by jnaomiay

Generally around our house, Thanksgiving is a chore rather than a celebration.  For me, it’s a lot of cooking and cleaning for others and will undoubtedly include a migraine and several doses of Excedrin before Sunday.  For my boys, it’s a dutiful and somewhat unwelcome trek home to visit the parents and younger sibling they only just now managed to escape from.  

In the corner of the world where I sit, the sky is a gloomy grey.  The water is throwing up white caps and the sand is damp and dark.  A high wind advisory was issued for tonight which may mean our Thanksgiving will once again be powerless and unheated.

I don’t have to work today but business is lousy anyway.  Layoffs are impending at companies all over and I constantly worry for the boy who just started the U.  What kind of job will be there for him when he is done?  The older boy had a trip planned to Israel next month and the only reason he has not yet cancelled is because I am telling him to do exactly that.  I suspect he’ll come to the right conclusion once he gets over his aversion to his mother’s advice.  It saddens all of us beyond measure that he must postpone this journey due to yet another war.

The most horrific election in my lifetime has just concluded and my guy lost although he was never really my guy, as none of them ever really are.  It’s not the person nor the party that has made this exercise in civic duty so futile, it’s the ingrained corruption of the system by all sides desperate for power and I am not certain that a remedy for this will ever be found.

So with all that bad, what is there really to be thankful for?  I have to make a list now to cheer me up and give me a reason to move forward ringing in those bells of holiday bliss.

1.  I am thankful for my family most of all.  My husband, though he aggravates and annoys and at times makes me slap my head and wonder how I could possibly survive another twenty-seven years with him, is still here and still my best friend though he wonders the same thing about me. 

2.  My children who are all nearly adults have turned into the most beautiful, intelligent and incredible people alive.  

3.  My mother and my in-laws who keep moving forward, staying healthy and enduring even when the obstacles seem too big to me.

4.  I am thankful for the memory of my father who sometimes visits me in my dreams such that when I wake up, I have to remind myself that no, I am no longer 8 or 18 or even 28 and these conversations that we had took place now decades ago.

5.  I am thankful for our friends who will join us on Saturday.  A party with them is a pleasure and not a dutiful chore.  Three in our group had surgeries this year, two of cancers.  One may not come again because she is too ill.  I am truly thankful that for a least a little while, we all had the opportunity to ride this planet Earth together.

6.  Lastly, I am thankful for all of you.  This past year has indeed been a ride when on a whim, I let the world see something that I had been holding deep inside of me.   It is nice to know that what I thought was a psychosis is actually a socially acceptable form of behavior called ‘writing fantasy fiction’.  Thank you for reading and thank you for listening.  God Bless  and may you all have a joyful holiday season.




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