Tag Team in Space – Episode 17 – Jerry

Published November 10, 2012 by jnaomiay

I didn’t know where Derrick had disappeared to.  It seemed like we wandered these conduits for a week and a half.  Fogweet was getting whiney and needed a nap while the cop kept complaining that he had missed his smoke break.

“Derrick?” I yelled at each and every corner.  “Derrick, buddy?  We’re here to rescue you.”

“Listen, Doc,” the cop finally sighed.  “I think we need to go topside.  It’s the end of my shift and I’m off duty.”

“Alright,” I agreed though something in my gut was telling me there was a problem.  It was then that I remembered stuffed into the bottom of my kit was my new iPad Mini 68.  It had STE data transfer speeds which in space were amazingly fast.  It was provided by Spaceforce so I didn’t have to pay as they had an unlimited plan.  I had downloaded an App before I left home that detected life force emissions.  It was only .99 cents and for an extra buck, I could upgrade to analyze heat waves.  “It had four and half stars,” I told the cop and Fogweet as I knelt down to dig through my bag.

“Any chance you’ve got a cigarette in there too?” the cop asked all twitchy as he seriously needed a fix.

“I’ve got ibuprofen or acetaminophen pills.  Sorry, I don’t have any nicotine.  I do have an App that’s supposed to help you quit.  My cousin in New Jersey was trying it.  He said it worked pretty well.  He was down to three a day.  You log in each time you want a cig and then…”

“I don’t want an App!” the cop interrupted.  “All I want is one bloody cigarette.”

“Sorry,” I mumbled and pulled out the iPad, hoping it would find a signal.

“Cool,” Fogweet gasped as he hadn’t seen one before.  “Fogweet wants to play too.”

“Later,” I told him.  “I’ll download Angry Birds but first we need to find our friend Derrick.”  I opened the App and wouldn’t you know it, immediately it registered a body.  It was around the corner from us and maybe ten metres down.  Fortunately, it was still pulsing blue.  The emissions were Co2 and the temperature was 97 which meant that it probably was human.  “That way!”  I pointed and took off at a run following the trail the App showed.  We rounded the corner and headed down the tube until the body came in sight.

“What?” the cop screamed.

“Ew!” Fogweet mumbled and climbed back on my head.

“Oy!” I yelled.  “What do we do now?”



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