Reader Interview: Joy

Published October 18, 2012 by jnaomiay

Today, I am at the local Starbucks sipping my grande decaf sugar-free caramel soy latte while staring contemplatively out the window at the rain.  As an author, I should be sipping decaffeinated green tea or some tasteless herbal concoction.  However, I am hopelessly addicted to sugar-free caramel which does not go well with Mandarin Orange Spice.  As I sit here relishing the return to Seattle weather, I spy a kindle user in one of those large over-stuffed chairs that always has crumbs in between the cushions and yet is always taken.  Unbeknownst to her, I am a not so famous author and so I will pounce upon her and submit her to a Reader Interview.

Naomi: Hello, my name is Naomi and you are?

Joy:  Hi, my name is Joy.

Naomi:  Hello Joy.  I’d like to ask you a few questions if I might? 

Joy:  I’m voting for ….

Naomi: Ah!!  That’s not the question.  In fact, that’s entirely your personal business.  What I really want to know is this: Is that your real name and if not, why won’t you tell me your real name?

Joy:  (Looking strangely at Naomi)  My name is Joy. Is your name Naomi?

Naomi:  As a matter of fact it is.  Now that we’ve covered the name issue, can I ask you what you are reading?

Joy:  Actually, no.  It’s none of your business.

Naomi:  Okay.  I’m sorry to intrude.  Can I ask you what is your favorite book?

Joy:  You can ask but it’s also none of your business.

Naomi:  I’m sorry.  Can I ask you anything about your reading material?

Joy:  No.  I don’t know who you are or what you want but all of it is none of your damn business.

Naomi:  Sorry!  Sorry.  Okay, last question, do you like your kindle?

Joy:  Yes.  Will you go away now?

Naomi:  Yes.  Thank you for your time.

Well, that concludes our Reader Interview for today.  I’ll just go back and contemplate the rain some more while I try to come up with something else to write about.


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