Author Interview: Kelly Edwards

Published October 15, 2012 by jnaomiay

Today, I am shopping for Halloween accessories at the local big box, all department, all purpose, everything you could possibly want, all in one, giant warehouse store.  I am in need of some of those small plastic pumpkins that have lights inside as Rachel is convinced that without them our house is far too dull for her teenage friends to deign to Trick or Treat at.  That’s fine with me.  I prefer no treating or tricking but then again, I am lame.  I am standing with my mega shopping cart filled with several hundred dollars worth of things I don’t need while Rachel ponders the pile of plastic pumpkin accessories.  Standing next to me is author Kelly Edwards who is waiting for her turn to thumb through the enormous bin and ponder her own pumpkin accessories.  We’ll discuss her new book “Scorcher” in the meantime.

Naomi: Let’s start with just a brief synopsis of your book.  In 20 words or less, tell me what it is about.

Kelly:  Girl meets boy, complicated by superpowers, tragic backstory, and a whole lot of action.

Naomi:  Ah, the perfect formula, superpowers and tragedy.  Exactly what we all go through on a daily basis especially when we are mothers.  What’s the hardest part about writing your book?

Kelly:  Letting go. I’m a perfectionist so my husband keeps joking that if I waited until I felt the book was ‘done’, I would be editing forever.

Naomi:  He’s absolutely correct.  Isn’t it wonderful how independent publishing lets us finally cut that cord and move on with our lives?  Now if only our kids would do the same thing.  Ah Kelly, don’t look at me like that.  Your kids are little.  Just wait until they are 21 and 18 year old basement dwellers.  What’s the easiest part about writing your book?

Kelly:  Plotting. It’s always easiest when the story is still in my head. I always love that period in the creative process when the story is developing in my head and it feels like the characters are revealing their tale to me. Of course, then I have to find ways to get out of the way while I translate that into writing.

Naomi:  Maybe you can encourage them to phone it in instead.  You did say you were in their way.  If you had to pick one object to represent your story and one color to paint it in, what would it be and why?  A purple octopus?  An orange hula hoop?

Kelly:  Well, I would love to pick chocolate because I love chocolate and I hope that reading my story would be like relishing a really good piece of chocolate-sweet, satisfying, and it leaves you wanting more.  I wouldn’t paint the chocolate any color because then you wouldn’t be able to eat it!

Naomi:  Yes, chocolate color is definitely not the color one would want to paint things with.  I won’t expand on that any further being that you are mother with diapers yet to do.  Do you do anything else besides write and if so what is it?

Kelly:  Some days it feels like I do anything but writing. I’m the mother of two small children, so of the things I do besides write, sleep isn’t one of them. Aside from conspiring with my husband to elicit as many giggles from the children as possible, I also love to sew and create costumes, scrapbooking, and anything else that involves creating.

Naomi:  Sleep is something that you won’t ever really experience well again.  If they’re not crying to be fed or changed in the middle of the night, they’re calling at 2AM to tell you their car is in a ditch.  Did you ever wonder if you were a little crazy for writing fantasy/fiction?

Kelly:  Of course not! I don’t have to wonder since I know that I’m crazy.

Naomi:  With the way your characters are phoning in their storyline, I don’t doubt it.  Did your friends ever wonder the same thing?

Kelly:  Certainly not. By now they should know me well enough that they don’t have to wonder.

Naomi:    Rachel has concluded her plastic pumpkin shopping and is now queuing before the woman in the white hat who is handing out microscopic pieces of some sort of dip on another sort of cracker and a piece of mystery meat on a toothpick.  Funny how those things all taste so good in their microscopic quantities here but when one purchases the mega pack to eat at home, they become revolting.  Oh, well.  I’ll leave Kelly to find her own pumpkin accessories and join the queue as if I were starving.  While we do this, you can find Kelly and her book online here:

Amazon link to Scorcher, Book 1 in the Forces of Nature Trilogy:

This is the link to the Facebook page, where you can find news on the series and release dates as well as giveaways:


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