Tag Team in Space – Episode 13 – Jerry

Published October 13, 2012 by jnaomiay

I ran.  Derrick was hurt but if I didn’t get out there I’d be dead and sorry, I wasn’t going to give up my life for a guy I met in an elevator an hour ago.  Fogwat bolted ahead of me, his giant head like a glistening beacon, leading the way out of this conduit, out of this elevator shaft and out of this spaceport terminal altogether.  We ended up topside in the red Martian dirt under an oxygen dome which blotted out the sky.

“Fogwat take Jerry home,” my big headed friend cried gleefully.  “Fogweets so excited to meet their new uncle.”

“Uh Fogwat,” I protested though I followed him anyway as I hadn’t a clue where the spaceport entrance might be.  When I arrived here I had come in through the shuttle landing bay which was nowhere to be seen from the ground.  “Can you get me back to the terminal, buddy?  I’ve got a flight to catch and at this rate, I’ll have to go through security screening again.  I hate their machines.  I think they give off too much radiation so I need to opt out and request a pat down instead.  That’ll take at least an extra thirty minutes so as much as I’d like to meet your Fogweets, I don’t really have any time to waste.”

“Sure Jerry,” Fogwat replied not slackening his pace or turning to change his direction.  “Jerry, friend Jerry meet all Fogwat peeps and then Jerry eat dinner with us too.”

“Fogwat please!” I begged.  “I really need to get to my ship.  It’s my first posting as Head of Sickbay.  I’ve worked toward this for years after spending the first twenty in school.  I’m desperate here, buddy.  I can’t lose this job.”

“Not to worry, friend Jerry.  Fogweets meet, eat dinner and then dessert and after that tea.  Fogwat take Jerry to space shuttle plane, Jerry fly off to the stars.  Someday, Fogwat meet Jerry again.”

“Ok,” I agreed.  What choice did I have?  I was lost on mountain of Martian dirt.  I had to trust Fogwat as there was no one else around and after trusting Derrick, this is where I had ended up.  From a hole in the mountain of this dry dusty soil another big head suddenly appeared.  It was followed by a body that was identical to Fogwat’s except for a giant extended belly.

“Fogwut!” Fogwat cried at the joyful reunion.  “Friend Jerry come for time just in the nick.”

“I am ready,” Fogwut panted, her hands on her belly which I realized was quivering and quaking.

“Oy vey,” I gasped.  “Sweet Jesus,” I cried and got to work with my medical kit.  In short order, Fogweets appeared; all four a carbon copy of their parents which I considered unfortunate for them.

“Fogwat so happy,” Fogwat wept.

“Get over it,” Fogwut snapped.  “Four diapers all need to be changing.”

“Dinner time,” Fogwat ordered.  “Fogwut get up and make food for Jerry.”

“I’ll cook Fogwat for dinner if he doesn’t shut his mouth!”

It was time for me to go so I cleaned my gear and packed my kit thanking everyone around for their hospitality.  “I don’t need dinner tonight, friend,” I insisted.  “I’m not hungry.  In fact I just ate before getting into that lift an hour and a half ago.  I’ll be on my way, thank you very much.  It’s been fun, really it has and now I can tell everyone I delivered four Martian babies.  Yep,” I started to back away.  “I think I hear Derrick calling me.  See ya later, everybody.  Maybe next time I visit Mars, or not.”  I ran back down that hill as fast as my feet could fly in the direction I thought the spaceport had last been.  I ran until I was out of breath.  I ran until my ankle turned but I couldn’t find that blasted building anywhere.


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