Journey to Rehnor update.

Published October 11, 2012 by jnaomiay

Some of you out there in reader land have asked what has become of Journey to Rehnor book 2?  When last we checked in, Hannah was riding away in the back of a cart while Karukan was busy explaining how she would be so much happier living with him rather than that Neanderthal Aran.

Unfortunately, Hannah’s adventures have been waylaid due to multiple hissy fits thrown by the diva drama queen Katie.  She has insisted quite forcefully that everything be written about her.  Since she only plays a very minor role in the journey series and since her contract is worth much more than Hannah’s, poor Hannah has been shelved until Katie’s issues run their course.  Senya doesn’t mind in either case as he is well scripted with face time in both series.  He just stands outside the building 30 feet away as is required in this state, smoking his cigs and waiting for his scenes.  Karukan is happy simply to have a job being that he was one of those fellows who people always referred to in that way of “I wonder what ever happened to that guy.”   He will wait patiently outside with Senya, smoking his own cigs, and shooting the breeze with the other cast members.

You’ll all be glad to know that Metamorphosis is complete and in the final stages of tidying up before release in the very near future.  Katie has personally asked for a break as Metamorphosis was a difficult emotional experience for her and she desperately needs to spend some time in Maui.  So with that being said, Hannah’s ticket has been pulled and her journey shall continue hopefully during November and December.



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