Tag Team in Space…Jerry continued…

Published September 21, 2012 by jnaomiay

Tag Team in SpaceRead the previous entry here: http://ahmaddarkside.blogspot.com/2012/09/tag-team-in-space-interactive-blog-story.html

“Would you mind handing me that ice pack?” I asked the guy as it had slid all the way over under his left foot when the lift whisked us horizontally across the building.  It had started to leak and left a wet snail trail of blue synthetic ice fluid on the floor.

“Here dude,” he tossed it at me as the lift slid to a halt and the doors swished open.

“My stop!”  Granny cried and moved quickly forward, her walker skating across the wet lift floor and sending her pummeling right into the guy.  Both of them toppled out into the hallway while the ice pack landed somewhere on my chest, spilling what was left of blue fluid all over my last clean white uniform shirt.  Granny and the guy started shouting at each other.  I cursed at my shirt which didn’t do anything to stop the stain.  I figured this day couldn’t get any worse but unfortunately, I was wrong.  While the guy and the granny struggled to their feet, a big head boarded the lift and pushed all of the buttons.

“I like to ride the lift,” the big head told me, his tiny little mouth turning up in what was supposed to be a smile.  “The stops are the very best part.  I like doors that open and close.”

“Now, thanks to you it’s going to take me a full three hours just to get to my terminal,” I moaned.

“My pleasure,” the big head nodded, his three tiny eyes blinking with joy.  “Look!  The doors are closing!”

“Hold it!”  the first guy cried after managing to extricate his limbs from Granny and her walker.  He dove back aboard, sliding across the wet floor and landing against the wall as the doors finally swished shut and we moved on to the next stop.


Head over here to continue the story:   http://ow.ly/dTFsP



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