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Tag Team in Space…Fogwat is hurt!

Published September 28, 2012 by jnaomiay

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Derrick stormed over to me leaving a trail of dead and mutilated big heads in his wake.  He was waving that plasma thing like I was going to be his next victim.  I scrambled to my feet and picked up my bag, holding it in front of me to block his advance.

“Listen, friend,” I called.  “I’m not your enemy.  I don’t know what the dude is talking about.  I don’t have any chips although I’m growing a giant one on my shoulder when it comes to you.  You didn’t have to kill all these guys.  If you weren’t under some kind of government protection, I’d have half a mind to arrest you for violating Allied Initiative 57-3, Protection of Lower Life Forms and Otherwise Unknown Species.”

“Where’s the chip!”  Derrick screamed obviously ignoring everything I had just said. I was about to protest again but I heard a whimpering voice calling my name.

“Jerry,” it pleaded. “Jerry, friend Jerry?”

“Fogwat!”  I turned to find Fogwat splayed on the floor.  He was missing an arm, his one remaining clutched at the empty shoulder socket, all three of his big eyes leaking with tears.

“Ah, Fogwat, hang on there, buddy.”  I knelt down beside him and fumbled through my bag.  “I’ll give you something for the pain.”  I found a syringe and injected his empty shoulder with morphine, quickly calculating in my head his height, weight and dosage.

“What about his arm?” Derrick asked suddenly sounding contrite.  He had found either Fogwat’s or another dude’s limb and was holding it out to me.  “Can you sew it back on?”

“I don’t need to.  Big heads are evolved from planeria and can regenerate limbs fairly quickly.  It’s painful but temporary.  Are you feeling a little better, Fogwat?”

“Yes, friend Jerry.”  Fogwat sniffed and sat up.  He glared at Derrick.  “You killed my arm.  My arm liked to push buttons.  My arm was my friend.”

“Listen Fogwat,” I said and helped him to his feet.  “Neither of us know anything about a chip.  Why does the Big big head want it?”

“Fogwat only ride lift and bring human guys.  Big big head need chip to pay off mean trader.”

“Who trader?  What trader?” Derrick demanded.  “Come on, Fogwat dude, tell me about that guy.”

I looked over to Derrick and we exchanged glances.  “What if there is another pair of humans stuck in a lift somewhere and Fogwat ended up with us by mistake?”   Derrick started pacing and stroking his chin.  His eyes flickered in the darkness as he considered the ramifications.  “I’m on it,” he said and started running down the tube.

“Not without me,” I cried and grabbing my stuff, bolted after him.

“Me too!”  Fogwat jumped up and lit up his head, a tiny little hand now sticking out of his shoulder stump.

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Tag Team in Space…Jerry continued…

Published September 24, 2012 by jnaomiay

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“Listen…uh…dude,” I said delicately removing his hand from my chest.  “This is a stressful situation for both of us so I suggest you just calm down and we can both work together.  I’ve got a torch right here in my kit.”  Slowly, I leaned down and opened my bag.  I could smell the alcohol on Derrick’s breath and the way he was jumping around, I wouldn’t be surprised if he had imbibed in other intoxicants too.  “See,” I said now shining my torch and illuminating the empty tube.  “I’m a Spaceforce officer and an Eagle Scout.  I’m always prepared.  Semper Paratus, hoorah, hoorah.”

“Seriously?”  Derrick muttered.  “Hoorah?”

“I suggest we go this way.”  I waved my torch in the direction Fogwat had disappeared and then clambered off across the tube.  A rat scampered through the light chasing some other creature that looked like a cross between a worm and a bird.  The creature shrieked as it was caught and the rat squeaked victoriously, adding to the already delightful ambience of our current environ.  It was incredibly hot and my glasses kept fogging and slipping down my nose as the sweat drizzled from my forehead.  My uniform shirt was not only doused in blue fluid but the armpits were so sweat stained they’d never again come clean.  “A few years ago during my internship aboard the SS Columbia, I had to shuttle down to Talas VI after a major electrical storm had wiped out half of that planet’s services.  Anyway, there were casualties stuck in this High-rise where all the lifts had gone out so the nurse and I had to climb up the stairwell about a hundred and twenty floors hauling all our gear and everything.  I was in better shape back then because I had just graduated school and was working out every day.  I could run 5 miles and bench press about a 100lbs but since I’ve been in space, I’ve been so busy, I barely have time to even walk to the Rec Deck.  Anyway, the nurse and I were climbing when she started talking about her ex-boyfriend who…”

“Can you shut the fuck up!” Derrick screamed.

I shut up quickly.  If he had been imbibing as I suspected, there was no telling what he would do.  We continued walking in silence for about twenty minutes more when suddenly a bright blue light shown from the tunnel ahead.

“What’s that?” Derrick muttered as I switched off my torch to preserve the battery.  The locker room stench became overwhelming.

“Human friends!” Fogwat squealed, except it wasn’t just Fogwat.  He was standing there with about sixty of his brothers and an ever bigger Big Head was waiting for us with an outstretched hand.

“Give it to me,” Big Big Head demanded.

“Uh…what?”   I looked to Derrick.

“The micrometer chip,” Big Big Head roared.

“Chip?” I repeated as a whole bunch of big heads tackled me, getting me all slimey now on top of everything else.   “Uh…help…Derrick?”


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Tag Team in Space…Jerry – episode 3

Published September 22, 2012 by jnaomiay

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“Ah crap!” I cried as the lights flickered out.

“Oh fun!” the big head exclaimed.

“Ah shit!” the other guy declared as the lift began to heat up.  The air conditioning had sputtered to a stop leaving us all wet, dark and hot.  In a short period of time, it got humid and smelly in there too.  It was like a men’s locker room right after a game except a thousand times worse because of the big head’s preponderance of eccrine sweat glands.

“He has about forty times more than we humans,” I remarked.  “So it’s like having forty football players all crammed in here with us.”

“I think I’m going to be sick,” the other guy replied.

“It’s okay.”  I reached across the dark to pat his shoulder.  “I’m a doctor.  Just sit there and put your head between your knees if you start to feel woozy.  By the way, my name is Jerry.  If you need some water or something, just let me know.”

“Derrick,” he mumbled as the big head sat down next to him and tried to put his enormous cranium between his own knees.  “Any chance you’ve got some Excedrin?”

“Name, Fogwat,” the big head said or something along those lines.  “Fogwat need Excedrin.”

“Okay, glad to be of service.”  I fumbled through my kit for some pills.  “Big heads are a fascinating species.  Some of your race even have telekinetic abilities.  Do you think you might be able to open the door for us, please Fogwat?”

“Push buttons,” Fogwat insisted when I handed him some meds.  He held the pills in his tiny fingers and studied them in the dark with his middle eye.  Derrick pinched the bridge of his nose and swallowed his own pills dry muttering something about needing an alcoholic drink.

“Just open the door, Big-Ass,” Derrick snapped.  “You can push all the buttons later after we get out.”

“Ok.”  Fogwat smiled and pointed his finger.  “Open, close.  Open, close.”  The door started swishing back and forth, giving us a glimpse of the metallic lift-tube and a dark set of tracks.

“I’m out of here.”  Derrick bolted during an opening phase.

“I’m out of here too!”  I grabbed my stuff, just barely making it through.  “Which way?”

Derrick studied the walls.

“That way,” Fogwat pointed, his big head hanging out of the lift.  “Fogwat come too.  Fogwat like human friends.”  Fogwat jumped from the car and headed up the tube, bioluminating his big head like a giant bobtail squid.  I glanced over at Derrick in the shadowy blue reflection.  Derrick shrugged.  Swallowing an Excedrin myself, I followed them both up the tube, hoping and praying I’d get to my gate on time.

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Tag Team in Space…Jerry continued…

Published September 21, 2012 by jnaomiay

Tag Team in SpaceRead the previous entry here:

“Would you mind handing me that ice pack?” I asked the guy as it had slid all the way over under his left foot when the lift whisked us horizontally across the building.  It had started to leak and left a wet snail trail of blue synthetic ice fluid on the floor.

“Here dude,” he tossed it at me as the lift slid to a halt and the doors swished open.

“My stop!”  Granny cried and moved quickly forward, her walker skating across the wet lift floor and sending her pummeling right into the guy.  Both of them toppled out into the hallway while the ice pack landed somewhere on my chest, spilling what was left of blue fluid all over my last clean white uniform shirt.  Granny and the guy started shouting at each other.  I cursed at my shirt which didn’t do anything to stop the stain.  I figured this day couldn’t get any worse but unfortunately, I was wrong.  While the guy and the granny struggled to their feet, a big head boarded the lift and pushed all of the buttons.

“I like to ride the lift,” the big head told me, his tiny little mouth turning up in what was supposed to be a smile.  “The stops are the very best part.  I like doors that open and close.”

“Now, thanks to you it’s going to take me a full three hours just to get to my terminal,” I moaned.

“My pleasure,” the big head nodded, his three tiny eyes blinking with joy.  “Look!  The doors are closing!”

“Hold it!”  the first guy cried after managing to extricate his limbs from Granny and her walker.  He dove back aboard, sliding across the wet floor and landing against the wall as the doors finally swished shut and we moved on to the next stop.


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Tag Team in Space – An Interactive Blog Story

Published September 20, 2012 by jnaomiay

Featuring Dr. Jerry Waldman, The Two Moons of Rehnor series by J. Naomi Ay and Sgt. Derrick Thomas, The Dark Side of the Moon by Ahmad Taylor:

Chapter 1 – Jerry

“Cancelled because of mechanical problems?  You have got to be kidding me.”  The automated attendant at the check-in counter spat out a new boarding pass and then smiling mechanically, wished me a good day.

“It’s not a good day,” I told it even though it didn’t hear or care what I thought.  I swiped my boarding pass from the dispenser and then picked up my gear bag and medical kit.  The large overhead display showed my new departure gate as two terminals away but not leaving for another three hours due to a dust storm which had delayed the connection on Mars.  I had plenty of time to wander the terminal whether I liked it or not.  I was going to be late to my first posting as Sickbay Physician on board the StarShip Discovery.

“A great way to start my new career,” I grumbled as I boarded the lateral lift.  I pushed the button for Terminal 7 as an elderly blue woman struggling with a walker yelled at me to hold open the door.  Setting my bags down, I reached my hand out to block the lift doors for her but unfortunately, the sensor didn’t catch that and they closed on my hand.  I don’t know who screeched louder, me or the blue granny.  “Damn!” I cried when the doors finally registered that a part of me was stuck in them and they needed to open again.

“You have no manners,” Blue Granny scolded wobbling into the lift while I felt the bones of my hand.  It hurt like hell and already my hand was swelling but fortunately, nothing was broken although I doubted I’d be able to hold a surgical instrument for at least another week.

“Sorry,” I mumbled  as the lift doors once again closed, this time without any of my appendages stuck in them.  I reached in my kit for an instant ice pack, holding it against my swollen hand while counting to ten.

“Terminal 6 please,” Granny ordered and waited patiently obviously unaware of my plight.  I juggled the ice pack and pressed button 6 for her.  My bad hand began to throb so I bent down again to my kit searching for some meds and inadvertently dropping the ice pack on the floor.  In the meantime, the lift hadn’t moved at all.  Instead, the doors swished open again and a guy cussing like a space sailor stepped through.

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Taner’s Running Game

Published September 15, 2012 by jnaomiay

Oh no! I’ve popped out another one. Fortunately, they’re easier to grow than children and don’t require immunizations or lunch money.

Another Two Moons of Rehnor prequel novella.

Taner is all set to play running back on the junior varsity football team when his father is killed in a terrorist attack by the enemy Karuts. After the Princess Lydia comes to pay her condolences, Taner vows to join the Royal Guard to avenge his father’s death and to serve the Princess who he adores. However, the Princess dies before Taner finishes high school and then he breaks his ankle in his first college football game. Now all of Taner’s plans have gone awry. Join Taner in his early adventures before he meets up with The Boy who Lit up the Sky.