Featured Author Interview: Sherri Rabinowitz

Published July 7, 2012 by jnaomiay

Today I have the pleasure of speaking with Sherri Rabinowitz, author of Fantasy Time Inc, a fantasy novel about a travel agency that focuses on time travel rather than 3 day cruises to the Bahamas.

Naomi: Let’s start with just a brief synopsis of your book.  In 20 words or less, tell me what it is about?

Sherri: It’s a fun story not only of time travel and adventure but of romance. There are three romantic couples here.

Naomi:  Sort of like The Love Boat but no boat?

Sherri:  Well, yes.

Naomi:  If you had to pick one object to represent your story and one color to paint it in, what would it be and why?  A purple octopus?  An orange hula hoop?

Sherri:  I think a big red heart.

Naomi:  I see.  The love theme…so  what’s in the bottom of your purse, backpack, attaché or whatever you carry?

Sherri:  Why?

Naomi:  Just a weird fascination of mine.  Run with it.

Sherri:  Ok.  Change. I throw it in my purse where ever I go.

Naomi: Name one character in your story that is based on a real person and tell us who it is and how they are similar.

Sherri:  Dr. Anne Ross is based on a real person. Me, no she is not like me, she is my fantasy of what I would have to been like if I lived in the future, became an anthropologist. The only thing that is really like me is that we both worked in the travel industry but she lives in the future and they book people to the past. She is also prettier and more exciting then I am.

Naomi:  Did you ever wonder if you were a little crazy for writing fantasy?

Sherri:  Yes, when I am working on something and I talk to myself. I read it out loud so I can make sure the characters are real and they speak the way people do. I listen to other people a lot to pick up how dialog goes in a normal conversation. So I know I sound like I’m nuts having these deep emotional conversations out loud.

Naomi:  Did your friends ever wonder the same thing?

Sherri:  Yes, absolutely!  They got used to it, I was an actress when I was younger acting out my parts alone in my room. So now I do it with the characters that I created.

Naomi:  Hmm…have you thought about seeing somebody for your condition?  Forget that.  Next question:  When you wrote your book, who was the first person you told and how did they respond?

Sherri:  My Mom and brother and they loved the idea and the book. At the time I was in my first blocked period. I had never been blocked, when my Dad passed away I couldn’t write so that I had broken the block and I was halfway through my book was a joyful thing to us all.

Naomi:  I hear ya.  Been there done that and it wasn’t pretty.  Anyway, thank you very much for being my guest today.

Sherri’s book Fantasy Time Inc is nominated for the Global Ebook Awards in speculative contemporary fantasy fiction.  You can find her book online at Barnes & Noble: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/fantasy-time-inc-sherri-rabinowitz/1022333494

and you can visit Sherri’s website here:  http://www.rithebard.com


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