Coming soon…The Journey to Rehnor series

Published May 31, 2012 by jnaomiay

Not only will I be releasing Book 5, The Days of the Golden Moons in June 2012 but I will be releasing the first of the prequel series The Journey to Rehnor too!  This series takes place 1,000 years prior to The Two Moons of Rehnor series.  It’s got all new characters and all new stories.  Book 1, tentatively titled The Escape will follow the Duke of Shrotru’s family as they escape the nuclear destruction on Rozari, travel across the star system and land on Rehnor, only to discover that there are no music players, no game systems, no cell phones, no running water, and if you want to eat, you had better make yourself a good spear.  Each of the books in this series will be around 30,000 words and afford-ably priced at about .99 cents each.  There will be plenty of romance and fantasy and if I can figure out how, I may even be able to get Senya to make an appearance or two.   If you wish to be notified when the first book goes live, please be sure to send me an email to get on the distribution list.


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