Author Interview with Julie Rainey – Lost Princess, The Journey Home

Published May 30, 2012 by jnaomiay

Today I’m chatting with Julie Rainey who has written Lost Princess, The Journey Home, a delightful Scifi/Fantasy read about a girl named Anne who discovers after 18 years that her life is a complete fabrication.  Before we begin, here is the author’s book description:

Eighteen years after two caring strangers decide to take her in, Anne must face the harsh reality that everything in her life has been a complete and utter fabrication. With the help of her friend and Protector, she sets out on a journey back home, to planet she never even knew existed. Will she be able to defeat the terrifying evil that awaits her and uncover the truth about what’s really happening there before it’s too late?

Now, let’s hear what Julie has to say:

Naomi – Let’s start with just a brief synopsis of your book.  In 20 words or less, tell me what it is about.

Julie – A young woman must travel through space to save a planet that she never knew was her own.

Naomi – Who is your favorite character and why? You can use more than 20 words from here on out.

Julie – My favorite character is Fanora. She’s a no nonsense, take charge kind of person. She does what is needed, even if it’s not what’s best for her safety and wellbeing.

Naomi – What’s the hardest part about writing your book?

Julie – Writing isn’t the hard part, editing is. The idea that forms in my mind is relatively easy to get down onto paper but having it make sense to the rest of the world is the challenge. That’s where editing comes and hard is an understatement.

Naomi – What’s in the bottom of your purse, backpack, attaché or whatever you carry?

Julie – Why are you asking me this?

Naomi – It’s complicated.  Just answer the question.

Julie – Loose change, gum wrappers and random bits of paper from my notebook.

Naomi – Did you ever wonder if you were a little crazy for writing fantasy?

Julie – When I first decided to take on this endeavor, I didn’t think I was crazy but everyone else did. I have loved sci-fi and fantasy for a long time but I’m alone in that love in my circle of friends and family. They all just kind of smiled and nodded. “Oh, that’s great.” They still read it though, kudos to them.

Thanks Julie!  To find out more about Julie and her book Lost Princess check out the links here:



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