April 1st and I must keep blogging…

Published April 1, 2012 by jnaomiay

After all, isn’t what all those “in the know” say?  This social media thing is totally confusing to me especially when I have to keep repeating it in three places.  First I’m going to write here about how I don’t know what to write about so all the non-readers will stay informed about the non-activity that I am writing about.  Then I’ll need to tweet it so I can spread that non-message even faster and link it to my facebook page where nobody has ever even looked, let alone liked.  

Alright, enough complaining, I’ll try harder to post some interesting news and or factoid.

It’s sunny here.  Yes after more than 40 days and 40 nights that strange yellow orb in our sky has finally emerged from the dark clouds which hover continuously over the north Olympic Peninsula which is the very far northwestern corner of the United States for those geographically deficient like myself.  It’s still chilly but at least for a few minutes, the mud is starting to dry up.

I am very pleased with my first month’s book sales on Amazon.  Being a total and complete Newbie at this, the numbers look awesome and I’m very grateful to everyone who bought one of my books even if they hated it.  I made a huge mistake when I first listed Book 1 by uploading an incompletely edited version and because I was so nervous and sick of looking at it, I didn’t notice until two weeks later.  Around the first of March, I uploaded the correct version and asked Amazon to push out the new copies to the previous buyers but I doubt they did.  Anyway, thanks again if you did pick up one of the books and thanks to Amazon for this amazing opportunity of being able to share something with the world (small world but never the less a world).  For more than 20 years this has been sitting in  my desk drawer untouched and unread by anyone other than myself so it’s really cool and amazingly scary to think somebody else out there looking at it.


3 comments on “April 1st and I must keep blogging…

  • Hi! I don’t know whether you looked at what was written yesterday, March 31. Yea I wrote on your blog. After reading what you wrote today, I see you’ll going through the same set of circumstances as me. Don’t be hard on yourself. I also had mistakes in the first edition. Had to pay an additional $500 to have the new version submitted. At least you are having success with your novel.

    Congratulations and pat yourself on the back.

    • Hi Mickey! Thanks for posting. Hey look world, there’s somebody out there reading my blog! Woo hoo! Send me your blurb and your links and I’ll make a whole posting dedicated to you. Cheers, ~Naomi

  • Hi Naomi: It’s neat when somebody takes time to come into your little world and drops you a nice comment. It makes your day because somebody cared.

    Here’s a link to my site. http://www.mickeypolansky.com

    You’re probably are wondering why I would write such a novel. If you read the details page, you’ll make the discovery. Anyway, it’s a different novel. You might not find this type of novel out there to read. Would you like to read it? I can send you a free book. All I ask is if you review it on Amazon. I can also return the favor by reviewing your novel after I read it. Are you game?

    Have a good week. Before I close, I just watched the new season of “The Killing” on AMC. I don’t know if you watch this series but it takes place in Seattle.


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